Friday, 22 August 2014

Special visitors and happy yeast!

I've been happy to welcome two lots of visitors today to Hopcraft towers... yes, I actually welcomed people, I know it's not generally the way I do things, but these people are my friends!

First up were Elaine and Tara of Yorkshire's Mallinsons brewery; we go back a long way do Tara and I, and it's always a pleasure to have some banter with the lasses from Huddersfield, and now it looks like I'll have to go and brew a beer with them!  Oh the hardship... !

Tara under the "mezzanine"
Second up was long-time mate Jessi (and friends) of old-skool Railpunk band Eastfield who popped in to check up on "Sharks against Surfers" which was named after an Eastfield track!  A clothing exchange was completed too, with a hoodie coming my way so I can look more "yoof", innit...

Jessi with goodies

I'm now about to cask up a load of beer before heading off home, I'm leaving two beers in full ferment with very happy looking yeasties gorging on the worts of Day of the Lords and Oceanic; as I've already mentioned this week was our busiest week ever so thanks to everyone who supports us and drinks our beer...

Have a good bank holiday everyone, keep the lupulous faith!

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