Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Collaboration brew in Bucharest - Hop Hooligans

The day had finally come... we were off mob-handed to Bucharest, the capital of Romania, to brew a beer with (IMO) the best brewery in the country!  

Hop Hooligans are less than a year old but have already changed the face of beer in their home country with a steady stream of challenging, tasty and downright excellent beers flowing from their 800 litre shiny brewplant just south of the Bucharest city boundary, and the country now looks fair for a beer revolution along the same lines as the world-beating one currently underway in Poland.

Anyhow, how did we get to do this unlikely collab then? Well, Gazza tried a fair few of their beers earlier this year and he and Sue got talking to the guys who run the brewery, Cristian and Mircea, so it kind of all went from there!

We agreed to brew a strong chocolate orange stout and so over we went to Bucharest for 3 days of sightseeing, drinking beer and brewing.... can't be bad :) 

sampling beers at Luton airport

Here we go!
hung over, in a car off to the brewery!
pretending to be brewers
Mircea preparing the yeast
Mircea prepping the FV
pissing about with a sprayball...
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oooh what's that in there?

Twiggy met a relative....

17kg of dry hops in 800 litres!!!

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