Thursday, 9 May 2013

Two more testbrews!

We've been beavering away at Hopcraft towers today brewing up two new testbrews.  One is a 4.2%ish pale & hoppy little number called "Auf Wiedersehen Boyos" with Summit, Cascade and Mosaic hops; all very nice, but the other is a little bit more interesting....

Inspired by the sour wheat beers of Berlin and talking to brewers in London last week (cheers guys, huge thanks for the info!) We've had a go at low alcohol (around 4%) half wheat, half pils malt concoction mash-hopped with Bobek then intentionally soured by natural bacteria and yeast from some fresh malt.  After 5 days in the fermenter it'll have mango pulp added then fermented with ale yeast as normal...

As you can imagine there are a million things that can go awry with such a beer style, especially when it's a first try at said style, but armed with knowledge from those who've done it before and a touch of the pioneer spirit we're willing to give it a blast.

Both beers should be available at Tom's "leaving do" at the Wheatsheaf, Llantrisant next weekend (along with beers from Kernel, Alpha State, Brodies, Wild, Steel City and others) so come on down and give them a go!

Pontycluner Weiss in the new FV...


  1. sounds interesting!
    been reading the blog for a bit now, it's been insightful to read about the building of a brewery. i only live around the corner and would love to pop . in and say hi, perhaps do a piece for my blog? (when you guys are sorted and have the time)!

  2. Feel free any time, we're there most weekdays (except Monday) and will be there 24/7 in a few weeks I think!

    Once we're all sorted then I'd be happy to answer (most) questions for the blog... !