Thursday, 21 August 2014

Delivering in that there London....

Seriously, if I'd realised the route we'd do today, I'd have left the seats in the van and charged £20 a go to some bemused tourists....

Then again, we hadn't banked on being stuck in Craft Clerkenwell for an hour!  Of the 4 roads leading to it, one is blocked off by bollards, one was blocked by a scaffolding truck, one was one-way the wrong way and the other blocked by a market!  After eventually getting outside (by encouraging a bloke towing a big silver oven to move...) we were then trapped as the exit road was full of scabby white vans being loaded with all manner of tawdry crap from the market as it was dismantled... ah well, at least we had a beer and a chat whilst we waited!

That's another 30 casks dropped off, good way to end our busiest week ever with 76 casks going out of the brewery door... thanks to everyone- drinkers and publicans - for their support!

The cold store is bare after loading up!

Craft Beer Co, Clerkenwell

The scenic route to Pimlico...

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