Friday 26 August 2016

Back to earth with a crash.....

Well, after our amazing weekend brewing in Haarlem on a brewery so advanced it actually brews by itself.... it's computer controlled, it can mash in, sparge, transfer, boil and get rid of spent grain all by itself!  The brewers start it off at 01:00 then, by the time they arrive at 06:30, it's just starting it's 3rd brew....

Enough of that, we're firing up our Heath Robinson kit today to brew up a batch of something we've not done since November 2013!  OK, the recipe has been savagely butchered and it's quite different than the original, but the ethos of the beer lives on.... we pride ourselves in trying to continuously improve all aspects of our brewing practices, and this beer is about what we're doing now!

So, welcome back "Permanent Revolution", an amber "Little IPA" which has plenty of Cascade, Columbus, Centennial and Summit hops to match the malt and hopefully will become more of a regular as we REALLY like the pumpclip :) 

Wednesday 17 August 2016

Off for a collaborative brew in a former Dutch Church!

Thursday sees Gazza and Sue of Waen brewery off on a very hard working, stressful trip across to some place called "Europe" to brew a collaboration beer at Jopen brewing in Haarlem, Netherlands, with Ken Fisher of Grateful Deaf brewing (Portland, Oregon)...  it's a tough job....

We'll be Eurostar-ing it across swigging craft prosecco and eating quail's eggs (if only....) before our 3 day stay in the Netherlands where we're not quite sure yet as to what's happening apart from the Friday brew at Jopen!  Ah well, it'll all become clear we're sure.

Anyhow, we're brewing a stout / porter with the addition of seaweed and orange zest!  I've absolutely no idea how it'll come out, but at least it should be interesting!!

Anyhow, keep up with us on FB and twitter.... should be an interesting weekend.

And yes, this really is where we'll be brewing!!!

Return of another old Favourite!

You heard it here first (unless Gazza has already told you, or you've read Facebook).... tomorrow we're brewing one of our most popular beers, Oceanic.

This was developed by Gazza and long-time friend and beery collaborator Dean back in 2015 and it's been brewed on a semi-regular basis ever since, but not for a good few months and so we decided to put that right!

Oceanic is so called because almost all the hops are from the Pacific region of Australia and New Zealand, the home of lusciously fruity, juicy hop flavours.  We use only the pineapply, juicy Galaxy and the lean, grapey, winey and totally unique Nelson Sauvin in the brew (plus a tiny amount of German Magnum for bitterness) and the results are, in our opinion, pretty damn special!

As usual, look out for it at better pubs and bars near you....

Friday 12 August 2016

US collaboration with Grateful Deaf!

Thursday this week saw Ken Fisher, famous deaf US wannabe brewer of the "Grateful Deaf" beers who visits Europe each Autumn to brew with a number of high profile (and us) brewers, visit our little brewery to cook up an IPA with a Hopcraft twist!

So, look out for "Damned Deaf IPA" shortly.... Centennial, Crystal, Equinox....