Sunday 19 November 2017

The glorious October revolution

It's 100 years almost to the day since the Socialist revolution in Russia, so to celebrate this (being the whining lefties we are) we cleared the brewing schedule to create a brand new beer to remember the event, "Red OCtober"

You might have supposed we'd brew an Imperial Russian Stout.  But no, I don't like them and anyhow they're impossible to sell in cask.  OK then, how about a red ale?  erm... sorry, but we already have one on the sales list.... well, what about a Kvass?  yeah right, try persuading people that's worth drinking especially from a handpull!

As you can see, we didn't really think this through.... so, despite the shambolic nature of the decision to brew the beer, brew it we did!  It'll be a 5% or so extra pale with shedloads of luscious Citra, Summit and Columbus hops, so expect a fruity, hoppy bolshy beast!