Wednesday, 30 January 2013

All coming together....

Apologies for the lack of updates recently, but now things are moving well - as you will see!

The steel frame is now installed in Pontyclun and the vessels have been lifted onto the "brewing floor" as we rather grandly call it!  Once this is all completed we can do a thorough clean and then begin brewing!

Obviously there is still a lot to do with regards lagging the conditioning tanks and moving them into place, doing the permanent pipework and so on, but once everything is physically in place at least then we can brew using flexible hoses and begin to get some beers out.

More updates as they happen.


FV4 is lifted onto the brewing floor.

And finally the hot liquor tank makes it's appearance...


  1. Hey guys, the brewery is looking great. It's interesting to see the nearly new kit you sourced, much more interesting than the normal stainless everything!
    Those mash tuns look like giant baths! I guess you can always open as a spa between brews!
    I just wondered what size brewery it will be when it's done. You hear people talk about a 5 barrel or 10 barrel brewery, but it's hard to picture what that actually looks like.
    Good luck!

  2. Yeah, our 1960's Bakelite kit has got a bit of "character"... ! it's ex milk tanks, we have 2 12BBL Fvs and 2 8BBL ones, the copper is a 17BBL monster so theoretically we can do a double brew.