Saturday, 20 April 2013

Two bits of technical brewing equipment!

Technical? well, kind of...

The first one is our new 4 inch spanner which allows us to "dump" the copper once we've transferred the wort into the FV's; once this has been done the copper contains spent hops and trub (coagulated proteins, since you ask) so we simply unscrew the cap from the big outlet pipe and out it all comes....  hopefully.

Gazza with a rather large spanner.

The second one is a touch more technical!  This is a "John Guest" fitting on one of our conditioning tanks.  We will attach a CO2 gas line to this coupler at around 1.5 atmospheres  (this isn't a lot of pressure) which maintains a layer of sterile gas on top of the maturing beer, keeping it as fresh as possible (oxygen and bacteria are maturing beer's worst enemies) and as a bonus, when we come to cask up the beer, the gas helps to push it out of the tank and into the barrels!

Arty or what?

More fascinating brewing-type stuff next week...

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