Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Work continues!

Work on the brewery continues apace here at Hopcraft Towers and we've now got an almost complete electrical system in place thanks to "Grumpy" Dai the electrician; we have power to the HLT elements, sockets to plug things into, wired-in pumps amongst other stuff electric.

We're still working on getting our current nemesis, the gas burners, working (it's almost enough to make us wish we'd gone for electric elements but not quite) which should hopefully be sorted out this week or maybe next; the good news is that once we've got these in place we simply need to do a thorough caustic wash and we're good to go!

We also tested the fermenter cooling coils and, despite a slight problem with the lack of non-return valves on the python ends, we successfully managed to bring the interior tank temperature down below 8°c meaning we can brew no matter what the temperature (although we still need to fix the water baths for optimum cooling performance).

So, the news this week is that gas burners aside we're almost ready for action, so close are we now that we have drawn up a list of ingredients required for our first five brews....

Keep the faith, hopheads, and we shall reward you!

The fermenter chiller units in place and ready for use after the coil test.

Checking the interior temperature of FV2.

Heating element 1 on the HLT all wired in and tested.

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