Friday 28 June 2013

Things moving along well

Here at Hopcraft Towers we've been beavering away making beer and trying to improve the general process of brewing which, with the exception of transfer to FV, is working pretty damn well.

We've now transferred Statement of Intent and Mosaic to conditioning tanks which we dosed with 2kg of hop pellets per 650 litre tank and topped them off with a CO2 blanket; now we wait a week until we see exactly what comes out - good things we hope!

We also did a finings test on both the beers and both passed immaculately which is, in these lands of gin-bright beer, a massive relief; they also tasted pretty good with no problems to be found so we're rather hopeful about their final prospects!

This week saw the brewing of Tidy Bitter - almost down to chilling gravity already - and Spanish Main Jamaican Stout with 15kg of luscious Muscovado sugar and peppercorns for that Caribbean flavour!  Next week will see another brew, probably something pale and hoppy seeing that we've brewed two non-pale beers this week, although both have decent amounts of hops in them - especially Spanish Main - which will sit on 2kg of fruity Bramling Cross hops next week.

So, now comes the hard part; selling the beer! If you're a landlord who wants to stock our beer then drop us an email at and we'll get back to you as soon as we can, thanks.

Here's a few photos from this week, as is customary!

The finings test - passed with straight A's!

Our new toy, an Ecofass keg.

Transferring Statement of Intent to CT9
Gazza looking very pleased with the transfer into the CT's!

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