Monday, 3 March 2014

Brew 50 this week!

Doesn't time fly, eh?

This week we'll be creating our 50th full brew (if you count testbrews and suchlike we've already hit 60, but this is about proper 1500 litre batches) on Thursday; it's to be called "Steady as she Goes" and will be an unusual amber beer with Munich malt and the new Czech hop Kazbek in the mix which, going on my experiences of it in Czech, tastes like lemon meringue pie... I can't wait!

First up though, tomorrow, there's the task of brewing batch 49 which doesn't have a name as yet but will more than probably feature the A-team of Citra and Galaxy hops in a 4.3% or so brew of golden hue... sounds good to me!  The recipe isn't 100% finalised as yet but we've hours to go until we brew it, and we might even think of a name by then ;-)

So, a big milestone for us this week and it's time to reflect that, in a mere 9 months of brewing we've achieved more than I thought we would in 2 years - we're brewing twice a week at present and currently struggling to keep up with demand - and our all-important reputation is growing too with more pubs contacting us asking for beer which is just what I hoped would happen 18 months back when I sent the letter to my then boss telling him where the job I hated so much could be inserted!

A massive thanks to all our customers, drinkers and supporters for your help, encouragement and tolerance during what has been a very steep learning curve for us all and all we can say is THANK YOU and keep the lupulous faith!


Gazza Tom & Steve

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