Tuesday, 6 January 2015

New year, new ideas (and lots of old ones)

First off, happy new year from everyone at Hopcraft / Pixie Spring!

Now the pleasantries are out of the way I can run through a few of the things we're hoping to achieve this coming year...

  • Open a bar in Cardiff - more news on this soon we hope
  • Revisit some of our old recipes and rebrew them with all necessary tweaks
  • Brew recreations, as near as possible, of recipes from 1910; we're doing this with the help of Ron Pattinson, the top man and law of what beers used to be like, and although the recipes from the Hopcraft brewery of Brackley are missing presumed destroyed we have recipes from a similar regional brewer of the time and so are using those!  An IPA and Stout will be first.  Warning: may contain Goldings.
  • Improve consistency and stability of the beers in cask
  • Increase kegging to 15-20% of production (currently around 5%)
  • Do some more collaborations, both home and away
There are plenty more things we're hoping to do, but that's enough for now...

Keep the faith, Brothers and Sisters of Myrcene!

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