Monday, 16 March 2015

Meet the brewer in Chester

Well if you didn't know about this then you've missed it... !  

Last Thursday Gazza teamed up with Sue from Waen brewery of Llandiloes to do a joint meet the brewer at the Cellar Bar in Chester.  We made it a little different than your usual event with a light-hearted competition which saw "weird foods" matched with one of Sue's cask beers against one of our keg beers with a vote on the best one (which was very one-sided due to Waen having a big fan club there!)

The food included Teriyaki crickets, horse jerky, smoked pork scratchings and chocolate cake and, although in my opinion you can't really match beer with food to the extent some people claim you can, the beer snacks did go rather well with some of the beers and the crickets went down much better than we'd imagined!

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