Monday, 9 November 2015

Another 20 barrel week!

I know all brewers like to say they're mad busy and rushed off their feet, and we're no exception and hate being left out of the hyperbole arms race so... bloody hell, we're busy!!!

Actually, we really are busy and getting more so!  With a new agreement to supply the Hopbunker with additional guests (which we'll try and source via swaps) we're going to need more beer and there's only one way to get that - get off our arses and brew some more.

So, in this spirit of getting things done, we're brewing twice this week, one "big" 12 barrel (2100 litre) brew and one "normal" 8 barrel (1400 litre) one; as "Golden Pixie" always sells well we're brewing a big batch of that, plus we see the welcome return of the first Joy Division beer - originally a Steel City brew then done as brew 17 in late 2013 - "New Dawn Fades", a Citra and Calypso fruity beast.

Next up will be a new amber ale plus the return of more old favourites including Gazza's first collab with Pixie Spring, "The Boss"!

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