Sunday, 26 March 2017

Meet the brewer in wildest Gloucestershire

Last week we did our latest meet the brewer at the Fleece in Hillesley out in the wilds of Gloucestershire.  Now you might wonder why we'd rock up at this (admittedly lovely old pub) out in the wilds for a meet the brewer when there must be loads of other (=better) options elsewhere?  Well yes, maybe, but Rod who used to run the Mumbles Ale House - which pretty much single handedly initiated the Swansea area to good beer - is in charge here now and so, having sold him beer for a long time, it wasn't a difficult decision to take the Hopcraft / Waen roadshow out onto the road yet again!

We were very well looked after in all respects with plenty of food, beer, gin and wine coming our way in return for what must have been our most downbeat description of the UK beer scene ever; if we didn't depress most of the audience I'd be very surprised!  Just telling it how it is, but looking back I'd guess most attendees to a meet the brewer would expect the brewers to be more upbeat on the health of the industry... yeah, righto!

Anyhow, everything went swimmingly in the end and a good night was had by all (well, we did OK, which is what matters!) and, we hope, we will have our beer out in Gloucestershire more frequently after our rocking up at their local....

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  1. Don't suppose anyone videoed your talk? I'd really like to see it.