Thursday, 22 June 2017

Too hot to brew!

I'm sure you've noticed that it's been really hot the last week or so.  

Now this might be a minor inconvenience at work normally, but in a brewery it causes many more problems... chillers are working overtime and frequently pack in, beer is at the wrong temperature and acts differently than usual, and the whole place is like a giant oven when the gas burners under our copper are on.... 40c+ isn't unusual upstairs.

So, this week, we decided to drop one of the brews planned as it was just too hot.... but, mitigatingly, we also had a massive amount of other stuff to do as well, so much that it filled the day completely so I've no idea how we'd have brewed even if we'd wanted to!!!

So, tomorrow (as it's a lot cooler) we're back on track and will be reprising an old favourite which hasn't been seen for a good few years....

Then next week, to catch up, we might have to brew 3 times!  

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