Wednesday 21 February 2018

A truly global beer...

Think of Chinook hops and you'll undoubtedly first consider the American fruity, aromatic variety with it's distinctively huge cones.  Nowadays, however, this quintessentially American hop, almost as 'Murican as lax gun control and non-existent healthcare, is being test-grown all around Europe and is finding new homes in the old world.

Chinook has been grown in the UK for a number of years although, from reports I've heard off other brewers and hop merchants, the results haven't been that great.  Now, however, there are two new contenders to the Chinook throne in the form of Poland and Slovenia and, again from other brewers, I'd heard that these two were worth a shot.... so we got some!

So, here we have a beer made with British and German malt and hopped with lovely Chinook hops from the USA (in the copper) and then dry-hopped with the Polish and Slovenian varieties.  At present the beer has just been brewed so we've not got any concrete tasting notes for how it'll eventually turn out, but we're very hopeful that the European Chinook will impart their herbaceous and fruity character making this a beer to search out; it's smelling pretty damn good in FV4 at the moment so I've 110% confidence in it being another blinder of a one-off brew.

Stay tuned to find out more! 

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