Monday 25 June 2018

5th Birthday!!

Happy birthday to us!

Well, we've managed to reach 5 years in production here in Pontyclun and to celebrate we had some lovely Red Velvet cake and a cup of Yorkshire tea!

We also brewed version 6 of "Statement of Intent" which was the very first beer brewed on the 18th June 2013 and tradition now dictates we brew this year's version as close to that date as we can, which in 2018 was the 21st!   

This year's version (each year we choose our favourite hops) is a bit of a departure as we felt it was getting a touch "samey" with the usual suspects of hops in every year, and so we've gone for old fave Columbus, newcomer Slovenian Wolf, a touch of luscious Citra (because we all love it) and finally floral, peachy Amarillo... sounds a dream team we reckon!

Look out for it in a few weeks, and to everyone who buys our beer, drinks our beer or supports us in any way, shape or form may we offer a huge sincere thanks and big Valleys cwtch; cheers and carry on carrying on... !

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