Monday, 22 April 2013

That was the week that nearly was.

I'm not going to do the usual and claim we'll be brewing in a couple of weeks this time... no, we might even be brewing this week (although I'm guessing it'll be the week after by the time we get everything ready to go).

The reason for this new-found urgency is that the gas burners have finally been installed under our copper plus the brickwork is done (minus the final "topping off" with fire cement) so all we're really waiting for now is the electrics to be done - and we've got most of the bits and bobs ready for that, too, we're just waiting on "Grumpy" Dai to sort it all out!

So keep the faith, hop lovers, the first brew is getting very close now!

Gas burners and chimney bricks... what's not to like?

1 comment:

  1. Really looking forward to your 1st 'Official' brew on the HopCraft plant guys !

    All the very best from every R.A.T. on the planet ! ;^)

    Cheers ...

    Dave (R.A.T.S.)