Thursday, 1 August 2013

Busy, busy busy...

Well delivering in London was fun!!!  Actually it was, although some of the deliveries were - let us say - challenging, the Euston Tap springs to mind....  anyhow, all the casks were successfully delivered to their correct place and now we're in process of organising the next lot of deliveries!

Gazza is off with a vanload of beer to Derbyshire and Sheffield tomorrow when beer will be delivered to the Old Oak Horsley Woodhouse, Hunter's Arms Kilburn, Thorn Tree Waingroves, Raw brewery, Shakespeare Sheffield and finally the Rutland Arms which, obviously, is also in Sheffield.

Next week we've got an additional run along the M4 with casks going to the lovely Shoulder of Mutton, Wantage, Nag's Head Reading, Egham United Services Club and also maybe the Alehouse Reading and White Horse at Hedgerley...

And we also need to find time to brew some more beer!  Not complaining, honest... 

M4 eastbound

Casks dropped at the superb Cock, Hackney

Outside the Euston Tap!

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