Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Mosaic "plus" in the FV and more deliveries....

Today saw the new and improved version of our second brew, Mosaic, which has been made better (more "Awesome" to use beer blogger gibberish if you will) by the addition of loads more hops at flame-off!  Whilst the original utilised only Dr Rudi, the new one uses those plus a big dose of gorgeously fruity Mosaic which, hopefully, will give the beer a much more robust flavour and, to help this, bitterness has also been slightly boosted to 80 IBU from the previous 70.

Tomorrow is yet another delivery run to the Alehouse and Nag's Head, Reading, White Horse at Hedgerley, Egham USC beer festival, the Shoulder of Mutton at Wantage and finally the Cornubia in Bristol.

So, with a second brew this week to boost flagging stocks (Fleur d'Alsace, made with the new French Triskel hop) and a rebrew of Tidy next week, things are increasingly busy!

The flavour addition of Mosaic and Dr Rudi wait their turn in the copper...

They really are a fantastic hop!!!

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