Monday, 13 January 2014

Repeat brew!

We're brewing tomorrow and, in a very rare occurrence, it's a repeat beer!

Golden Pixie went down really well when we brewed it back in the Autumn and now, in a spirit of making affordable beer in the dark months of Winter, we're brewing it again but slightly different after some feedback and our own feelings about it; we've cut the bittering level down a few notches but that's about it, it's got the same hops (Summit, Citra, Cascade) and malt (Low-colour Maris Otter, Cara and Wheat) in it so should be the same easy-going hoppy golden beer again!

We're also brewing Thursday, this time a strongish stout at 5.5% or so, as yet unnamed.  Next week should see a brew of Tidy bitter (maybe the same as v4 which was the best yet we thought) and a new pale, hoppy beer which may be similar to Fleur d'Alsace or may not, we've not decided yet.

Keep the faith, hopheads.

It's back!  Well, it will be in a few weeks...

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