Wednesday, 29 January 2014

The latest bit of hi-tech kit!

OK, I'd be the first to admit that it doesn't look much.  Actually I'd be surprised if you had any idea what this thing is.

If I told you that this half-metre diameter piece of perforated stainless steel sheet is saving us up to an hour per day I dare say you'd be amazed, suspicious even... but believe me, it does.

This thing is the new filter plate in the bottom of our copper which the guys at Wobbly Brewery have made for us and it replaced the shoddy piece of crap which came with the brewery; put it this way, last week it took us 90 minutes to transfer 1450 litres of wort, today with the new plate it took 45 minutes pro-rata for our 2100 litre brew which, as you can see, is one hell of a time saving doing nowt looking at a digital thermometer and playing with water feeds and wort valves in a vain attempt to keep the temperature of the wort going into the FV constant.

So, all hail the new copper filter plate, yet another replacement part to make the brewday easier, shorter and less stressful.  We can't complain really, having got the brewing kit for a song (we did have to rebuild the whole thing from scratch though), so as and when we can replace parts then we will!

It's a filter plate.  Honest.

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