Thursday, 27 March 2014

Back to it...

Gazza has been on a much-needed holiday (albeit a busman's one, beer drinking in Southern Poland!) so we've been a bit quiet this last week, but rest assured we're back at work and doing what we do best... making beer!

Today we re-brewed a beer which was done to test local (and non-local!) response to an easy-going, golden and not-too-hoppy brew and after the whole lot went in a week we've decided to brew it again, albeit with a couple of tweaks to make it even better, so look out for "Chorister's Gold" again in a few weeks.

Tomorrow we are casking up two beers, "No Love Lost" which is our Citra/Galaxy mashup type thing, plus "Steady as she Goes", our 50th gyle, brewed with - amongst others - the citrussy Czech hop Kazbek; these will be out and about very soon so keep an eye out at the usual places...

Next week sees us (probably) re-brewing another old favourite (although whether a beer less than 6 months old can be legitimately called an "old favourite" is open to debate) in the form of our Sorachi Ace-led porter "Graveyard Eyes"; this hop, originally from Japan but now grown in the US, has a bizarre and fascinating aroma and taste of coconut, orange peel and dill and is one of Gazza's favourite hops just because it's a contrary one like him!  We'll also be brewing something else pale and hoppy, maybe a new beer maybe a revisit of a previous brew, we've not decided yet, maybe we need to create a "brewing schedule", a phrase which impressed us this week!

And as if that wasn't enough for one week we're off to Manchester on Sunday for our keg beer launch at the superb Port Street Beer House at 17:00; it's free, so see you there!

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  1. > for our keg beer launch
    Please tell us more about how you achieve this, e.g. kit needed or whether you contract out the kegging.