Friday, 27 June 2014

Mad busy!

This week has been mad busy; we've brewed two beers, loaded and sent two pallets, a vanload to another wholesaler and another to one of my favourite pubs the Craven Arms in Birmingham, plus the usual casking up, cask washing, tidying up, admin, paperwork and suchlike....

The beers were "Blanc Expression" which is a golden one with German Brewer's Gold and Czech Vittal hops and will be dry-hopped in tank with the new highly sought-after German aroma hop Hallertauer Blanc which promises some of the white wineiness of Nelson Sauvin; we'll see!  The other was "Day of the Lords", the latest installment in Gazza's Joy Division series where the lusciously fruity Citra hop is paired with others of equal magnitude, in this case New Zealand's amazing Nelson Sauvin, plus a bit of help from Dr Rudi and Centennial to give extra complexity.

Statement of Intent is chilling down in FV1 and smells gloriously fruity, whilst in the conditioning room we have more Citraic, Sungrazer and Spanish Main plus Tidy Chinook and Deliverance.

Next week we're brewing two old beers with upgraded recipes; "Mosaic Plus" is always a good seller as the blackcurranty Mosaic hop appeals to a wide spread of drinkers, then we'll be making "Reign of Terroir" which uses the under-rated French Triskel hop (in addition to US Cascade and Centennial) to give an extremely citrussy pale golden brew, just right for summer!

Keep the faith, lupulin lovers....

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