Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Next collaboration brew... is next week!

Tuesday 12th August sees the return leg of our two-way collab with the Mid-Wales Waen brewery; Sue came down to brew "Whatever", an unclassifiable hoppy dark beer a few months back, and now Gazza is heading up the A470 to Llanidloes where we'll be brewing.... a best bitter!  Not the most surprising collab you might think, but we're expected to turn out something mad and/or hoppy so this should be an interesting one!

We're using Challenger, Bramling Cross and even... heaven forfend.... some Fuggles!  "The Brown Beer Society" is, as you'd guess, named for the monicker given to CAMRA by some of the more militant "crafterati" and, seeing as CAMRA love bitter and all things old-fashioned, it seemed an ideal name for it!

More news next week, maybe even some photos...

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