Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Short week working, big batch brewing!

Yet again this week is a day short, thus depriving us of a brewing day, although this was more than compensated for by a proper day off and associated lie-ins!

Anyhow, to try and keep up with demand - last week was our best week ever with over 70 9's sold - we're brewing a "brew and a half", a 12 brewer's barrel (2200 litre) batch, of a new beer which utilises a new American hop (Eldorado) as well as some old-skool ones (Columbus, Cascade) and one new-wave classic (Citra).

The beer is called "Who's been sleeping in my Brain?" and is named after the album by seminal Goth band Alien Sex Fiend; it's also unusual in that this is a name request from an extremely sociable bikery-looking bloke at Cheltenham Motor Club after my meet the brewer there recently... and who am I to refuse a request of such quality, being an ASF fan myself?

Thursday sees a delivery run along the M4 to Wantage and Reading with more essential supplies of lupulins for the Thames Valley before Friday is spent loading a pallet bound for Manchester and casking up yet more beer, this time "Sharks against Surfers" and probably some more "Nelson Plus", although I may get tempted to cask some "Napoleon Complex" instead; we'll see on the day!

I really love that font!

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