Friday, 3 April 2015

Collab with Wild Weather - home leg

Thursday saw Iain and Mike from Wild Weather brewing of Berkshire make the long trek down the M4 to a drizzly South Wales (default weather then!) to brew up the first leg of our 2-way collaboration set of unusual brews.

This one is a bit of a weird one in that we don't quite know what style it would fit into... but as I'm the kind of brewer who thinks beer styles are for obsessives with nothing better to think about we don't really care!  It's a 3.4%-ish dark beer, very dark, with 7 different malts including 2 types of de-husked chocolate, Melanoidin, Carared, wheat and a few others I can't remember.

Hops were kept simple with Columbus for first wort then the oily, herbaceous Czech Vittal for flavour and aroma, then at 90c we added a whole load of zested and chopped oranges just for a bit of added interest!  Dry-hopping will be with German Mandarina Bavaria and a hint of Sorachi Ace, so it should be a complex little beastie.

It has a working name of "Second Division Collaboration", which will probably change by the time we come to design the pumpclip, the name is a piss-take of the "premier division" of brewers which exists nowadays whilst us second division guys struggle along without the royalties.... if you excuse the crap fussball analogy.

The second leg is happening next week down in Silchester, Berkshire, when we'll be cooking up a hoppy Red IPA.... stay tuned to this frequency for more mudanity, hop lovers!

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