Monday, 17 April 2017

Gorse beer!

Last week we brewed a beer with a seasonal ingredient, one which we've thought about using for a while but have only now finally got around to it.... fascinating, eh?

This, then, is our latest collaboration with Sue Hayward (Sue the Brew, of Waen Beers) and we've created something quite unusual and very distinctive as we generally do.... our track record speaks for itself!

Gorse flowers, at their best in spring, smell of melon and coconut, reminiscent of the amazing Sorachi Ace hop, so it was only right that we paired the two together in a golden beer which, hopefully, will end up tasting of coconut (note - done a gravity test today and, indeed, it tastes of coconut!) and therefore will be bloody marvellous...

We've been beaten to the sorachi/gorse thing by Cromarty brewing who did a saison a few years back (and freely gave advice on the use of gorse, many thanks guys!) and Farmageddon brewing co-op but coming second (or, actually, third!) has never been a big problem for us and, therefore, we present to you "Bumper to Bumper", our spring gorse pale ale!

Finally, here's a quick note for anyone who, for some bizarre reason, doesn't know what "Bumper to Bumper" means...   just crank it up!! :) 

Adding the gorse flowers - and a little prick!

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