Sunday, 30 April 2017

What wet bank holiday Sundays are made for....

... well not really, but we've got a short week coming up.... it's a bank holiday (not that it matters running your own business, I'll still be here, plus Gav is in too!) then Gav is away for 10 days from Thursday meaning we've got to get 60 casks washed by Tuesday to fill up with lovely beer, I'm (hopefully) collecting brewing ingredients and some more shiny new casks, then we're brewing 2400 litres of Golden Pixie Wednesday, before I'm off delivering in Liverpool and Kirby with Sue Hayward... so, as you can see, we've got drastic "time pressures" this week!

So, in order to ameliorate said pressures, I'm washing casks on a rainy Sunday.... not how most people spend their bank holiday weekends but, hey, I'd rather do this that go to Ikea! 

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