Sunday 21 May 2017

1825 litres of milk stout...

Ask any old bloke about milk stout and, generalising vastly here, his eyes will twinkle as he remembers drinking Mackesons from cask when "he were a lad", but will then probably bemoan that it's not available any more on draught and rarely in bottles....

Well, tell him from me that he knows sod all.... milk stout is currently one of the trendy styles and is popping up everywhere from small brewers eager to brew something without a load of expensive hops in for once!  All you need is a sack of lactose.... and to know how to brew it, which obviously helps.

We're finding the demand for "Profits of Doom", our milk stout, growing each time we make it and so, just as we are selling the final few casks from the last brew we did a few months back, we're making it again!  Gazza has tweaked the recipe yet again but has been heard to say that we're almost there with this one.... which is, in itself, a rarity as he's always fiddling about with the beers trying to get them "just right".....

We're going to be releasing variants of the brew as is our way; "Campania", our famous Neapolitan milk stout, is flavoured to taste just like a pint of Neapolitan ice cream; yes, really, it does!  We also do a maple syrup edition and this time there will be a very limited cold steep coffee one as the test keg went down so well at our tap takeover at the Craft Beer Company in London the other month....  These last two are by special order so you'll need to be very lucky to catch them!

Adding the lactose

A very full fermenter!

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