Friday, 12 May 2017

Help on call!

This week has been a long, hard one.  Fnarr.

Gav has been away since last Thursday and so I've been prepared for a week of hard work with Sue Hayward helping out with the two brews planned - both Waen beers - Lemon Drizzle and Snowball... but then, on Sunday afternoon, Sue's knee decided to throw a knee-shaped spanner in the works meaning I'd be all by myself on a week where lots and lots was planned...... not good, for either of us! (get well soon Sue!!!)

So, being the ever resourceful and lazy person I am, I decided to ask for some help in order to complete the veritable mountain of stuff planned for the week.  At one point I thought we'd have to abandon one (or both) of the brews but, as I write this on Friday evening, everything which was planned for the week was accomplished in a more or less perfect fashion!

So, to recap, this week we washed 50 casks, filled them up with beer, had a good chat with Colin from West by Three brewery, brewed 2400 litres of Lemon Drizzle and 1700 litres of Snowball and completed the beer duty return... plus lots of other stuff too numerous to mention.  

I was lucky to have the help of Alex Oliver (who is setting up Space Cadet brewing in the near future) for the Lemon Drizzle brew - that was one busy day! - and then Wil Wild (who worked for Waen) for the Snowball one; I couldn't have done it without them so thanks guys!

Luckily, Gav is back next week, so some sense of normality will (hopefully) return!

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