Monday, 10 July 2017

Golden Lion, Penarth, Meet the Brewer.....

When people think of meet the brewer events they generally turn to the more well-known and craft-friendly pubs such as the Craft Beer Company in London.  The actual reality of most meet the brewer events is that they are held in a pub which doesn't really want the brewer there, customers who are too pissed to notice and a general feeling of anticlimax and irrelevance...

Well, not this one!  Gazza and Sue did a meet the brewer in the classic back street boozer of the Golden Lion in Penarth with 4 of our beers available and we stuck around until the last train back to talk to the locals about all things beer.

So, not the glitzy highlife most people imagine when they think of a meet the brewer, but in some way much more rewarding as instead of beer geeks we got to talk to down to earth drinkers about what they liked, and didn't like, about the beer!

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