Saturday 22 July 2017

Little piece of history!

When we started the brewery, almost 5 years back, we spent a freezing night in a caravan up in deepest Norfolk to "assist" with the takedown of the old Iceni brewery and transport it down to Wales to form our brewkit.... and if you go right back to the beginning of this blog there are lots of photos of us doing just that!

So what, you might say, big deal.  Well, I mention that as this document recently surfaced in a box of old beery stuff, the original flyer for when Brendan Moore set up Iceni brewery in 1995!  It's a piece of history and important to us as it shows the lineage of our brew plant and things are in a constant state of flux in the industry....

Anyhow, here it is, and it's important to Hopcraft as it's a large part of our day to day life... and shows how times change!  When Brendan brewed on it he made bitters and suchlike, whereas the output now is so different!

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