Wednesday, 7 November 2012


We have hops!!!!

Well, not quite yet, but after our "Hop sourcing director" had a meeting with our friendly hop merchants this week we are now poised to have our name slapped all over near enough 3 tonnes - and the mind boggles as to just how many hop cones that is - of luscious American, German, Australian, New Zealand and even some carefully-chosen British hops!

Apart from Simcoe and leaf Galaxy we got everything we wanted and,amazingly, came away with even more than we imagined possible in the form of new, rare and trial hops which, hopefully, we'll be able to craft into an enticing range of brews; going on what we have available to us there are going to be some interesting brewdays ahead...

So, a huge thanks to Will at Charles Faram for a great time crushing and sniffing a veritable cornucopia of aromatic beauties and we're planning to use them well!

Who's calling me a Hopmonster?

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