Tuesday, 20 November 2012

More happenings...

Here's the latest update as to what's going on with the new Hopcraft / Pixie Spring brewing venture...

We are still hopeful to be brewing in January although this will more than likely be subject to revision as we progress with the fitting out of the brewery!  January is our target date, however, and we're hoping to stick to it as best we can.

We have our new home sorted out, we are 95% sure we have a brewery ready to be installed, we have conditioning tanks, we have malt and hops, we have offers of yeast (for when we get sorted out properly...) and we have lots of goodwill from drinkers, brewers and publicans all over the country - thanks so much, it means a lot.

So, little in the way of concrete news but things are moving on apace and we hope to have some pictures of the fitting out as and when it happens!  


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