Monday, 5 November 2012

What's been Happening...

Quite a bit, actually.

Over the past week we've signed the agreement for our Industrial unit so should, hopefully, have the keys very soon.  Well, we actually have the keys now, but what I suppose we mean is to have the keys to keep!  Once we have the unit we can begin preparing the drains and floor for the brewkit...

... Which we may have sourced over in deepest East Anglia; it's a 12 Barrel kit and, dependant on a few final checks, may fit the bill for our requirements very well indeed.  It's got plenty of capacity to expand and let us do the kind of beers we want so, hopefully, we will soon have sourced the most expensive and essential part of the jigsaw!

In addition to the main brewkit we've been shopping for yet more Stainless Steel in the form of a dozen "Grundy Tanks" to form a battery of conditioners to allow us to dry-hop, carbonate or do whatever we choose to our fermented "green" beer, and in the process may have found a bloke who can do everything we could need stainless-wise.

Casks, that perennial bain of the brewer's life, may also be in the bag and quotes for bulk malt supplies keep coming; happily, Gazza's preferred maltster can deliver and the price isn't bad so, with a couple of base malts in stock, we should be sorted.

And as if all that wasn't enough, we are visiting the hop merchants this week at some point to source our all-important hops for next year and beyond... contracting hops is a necessary evil in these days of ever-increasing demand for the best stuff so here's hoping we can get at least some of what we need!

Phew, that was some week... more news as it happens.


Gazza, Tom and Steve.

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