Thursday 31 October 2013

Flattering.... and our 25th brew!

Well, kind of...  we're sending out pallets of beer to several wholesalers next week and it's quite a boost that a beer distributor wants to sell our beer!  I know that's how it works, but it still feels good and affirms what we think about our own beers.

We brewed a new pale ale today, our 25th brew since June, a mere 4 months ago! It contains Waimea, Pacific Jade and Topaz so should be full of lovely fruity flavours although, just to make sure, we will dry-hop it in the tank with more hops, Sticklebract to be precise!  It doesn't have a name as yet although Gazza's ancestor was the Bosun with Captain Cook back in the 1700's on one of his South Pacific adventures so that looks like a good starting point for a name, what with all those South Pacific hops!

We've also been casking up beer today including our "production" version of the beer which started it all last year, "The Boss".  This was a collab between Tom and Gazza in the wheatsheaf cellar and started off this whole brewery business!  Version 2 has been improved with less bitterness, more (and better) hops and vastly increased drinkability....

Version 2...

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