Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Two brews this week... hopefully.

When I say hopefully it depends if we can get a few bits of kit sorted out first, to pick two out of the air our gas burners under the copper and filter plate in the copper, both guilty of making our brewday today into one massive ballache.

But hey ho, it's in the FV now and orders for the beers keep rolling in faster than we can make it at present (we're not complaining, honest!) which is why we need to brew again this week; and hopefully Thursday will be the day!

So, what did we brew today?  "Ta Moko" is a Black IPA (and to those who don't like the term you know what you can do... complain to the Americans who thought it up!) using mainly New Zealand (Waimea) and Australian (Topaz) hops to produce a lusciously fruity yet toasted and bitter beer of big complexity.  South Pacific hops are rare in Black IPAs so we thought we'd give them a go and see if their more subtle soft fruity flavours come through.

Tomorrow we're casking up the latest brew of "Mosaic Plus" and doing various bits of paperwork before, hopefully, brewing "Eurocentric" on Thursday which is another IPA but this one is a more boring colour (golden!) and uses entirely European hops, rare in an IPA, but we think we can make it happen...

Then, on Friday, Gazza is off delivering to Derbyshire and Sheffield, brewing with Steel City, then driving across the Pennines to Manchester to drop off more beer before a mini Meet the Brewer at the Indy Man Beer Conf at the Victoria Baths in Chorlton on Medlock.  Coincidentally, the venue is dangerously close to the original home of Brendan Dobbin's West Coast brewery; for those too young to remember, Brendan was a pioneer of foreign hops in the UK and whose beers changed my life on numerous occasions with his use of hops and made me what I am today... and that's a total hophead before anyone says anything else.

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