Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Tidy Bitter version 4

Today we brewed Tidy bitter for the 4th time and, as is now traditional, the recipe has been savagely hacked about! We're trying to get it to taste more full-bodied yet not too hoppy (although this version is a fair bit hoppier than the last one) and uses English Admiral, German Herkules and Polish Marynka hops for a balance of bitterness and grassy, slightly fruity hop flavour.  This will hopefully mesh well with the S04 yeast and it's peardrop esters and the torrefied wheat which gives a slight "popcorn" taste which, in my experience, "twig bitter" drinkers - for some totally illogical reason - find palatable; eeeuw.  

As you can see, Tidy is a funny brew in that it's the only one we've made where we're not trying to make a beer we'd like to drink but one "normal" punters might want... not being a normal, far from it, some guesswork is necessary to get inside the mindset of said normals and the decision to add traditional grains, hops and yeasts have given a brew which definitely tastes like a bitter - albeit one with a lot more flavour than is usual - although we're still messing about with the recipe to try and get it "right", whatever that might be!

So, here's the moment two of you have been waiting for... the scores on the doors as of now... three FVs full (2 on chill) and 6 CT's with beer on dry hops. Tomorrow we'll be racking Lucifer Juice and also (maybe) Citra Plus to cask, transferring Permanent Revolution to tank and preparing for our brew of "Monky Business" on Thursday, our first Belgian-style beer... should be interesting as we've got a load of special malts and even Belgian candi sugar in!

The whiteboard tells all...

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