Tuesday, 28 October 2014

100th brew

Thursday sees our 100th brew!  I'm really happy we've come this far and the beers are getting a good reputation, but I'm never one to rest on the proverbial laurels; unfortunately I can't remember who it was who gave me this excellent advice...

"Never put awards on your wall, makes you think you know it all and you're great when you're still learning - you're always learning"

Which isn't really a problem as we don't actually have any awards, but if we did then I won't be hanging them on the wall!

Anyhow, gyle 100 uses 97% super pale Muntons malt (1.8 EBC), plus a touch of wheat malt, then a really simple hop recipe of Warrior for bittering then Cascade and Simcoe for flavour, followed by Simcoe dry-hopping; I've got high hopes for this one and can't wait to get it brewed... here's to the next hundred!

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