Friday, 12 June 2015

Hopbunker is reality!

Some people said it would never happen... some people tried to stop it happening...  some people didn't care either way.  But, whatever your views, Hopbunker - our brewery tap - has passed the massive hurdle of the first night "preview session" and is ready to open for the public on Saturday at 18:00!

It's taken just over a year from the first contact to opening night; I shan't bore you with the details but we've had lots of issues and setbacks but have come through them all to produce what we hope will be a So, here's a few photos from the opening night, now please spread the word and come down to enjoy the fruits of our labour!

Hopbunker, Northgate House, The Kingsway, Cardiff, CF10 3FD, Wales.

Scrum at the bar!


Jay showing off the view from the front door

View from behind the bar just after opening

Final clean just before the first opening!

Havin' it large

Our unusual latrines!


  1. Opening times would help
    In Cardiff now, moved to west street as no idea when it opened