Thursday, 25 June 2015

New beer Thursday!

It seems as if we've been brewing repeats all the time recently - mainly due to them being in demand, but also because they're damn good beers and we like drinking them - but it was deemed time to make something new, and here's the result!

With a name culled from the pioneering Ska/punk band "Operation Ivy" (featuring a very young Tim Armstrong!) this is a straight-up US pale ale, but done the British way with no crystal malt but plenty of hops and attitude!

Using Munton's super-pale malt plus some Caragold for body and Wheat for head retention, this is an extremely pale brew with a restrained bitterness from Magnum and a big, citrussy, fruity hop character from Chinook and Centennial in the copper plus a big charge of Cascade and Mosiac in the dry-hop to add layers of citrussy blackcurranty skunkiness!

Look out for it in a few weeks... it'll be worth waiting for.

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