Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Restocking with P&H...

... which is "pale and hoppy" as any fule kno.

Tomorrow Gazza and Gav (Jay is temporarily unavailable waiting for appliances!) will re-brew one of our most popular beers of recent times, "Mate Spawn and Die" which, in a bit of coincidence, Gav helped to brew the first time around and also provided the music which gave it the name, so it's only fair he's involved with the brewing the second time around!

An almost entirely Pacific affair (apart from the Summit bittering hops) involving hedgerowy, leafy Green Bullet and fruity floral Waimea in the copper and the gorgeously intense fruitbasket of a hop which is Vic Secret for dry-hopping, this 5.4% pale beauty showcases the tropical fruit of pacific hops to a tee.

Then on Thursday it's the turn of yet another rebrew, this time "Citraic" our mad-popular 5.2% pale ale with masses of juicy, fruity hoppy goodness in the form of Citra and Mosaic hops, hence the name!  It has flavours of blueberries, mango and tropical fruit and always sells well, so well that the whole lot sold out in less than a week so we're brewing it again straight away!

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