Thursday, 2 July 2015

Another new beer, another new hop

Liking, as we do, new hop varieties, when offered a brand-new American hop from the USDA dwarf hop breeding programme Gazza just couldn't say no!

To be honest, first impressions aren't that great; on a positive note Jarrylo are probably the oiliest, stickiest hop ever (over 3% oil) but.... well, they don't really smell of much, and what they do smell of isn't that thrilling!  Ah well, the cascade they were paired with were some of the best we've had for ages with that old-timey lychee and lemon character booming out of the bag, so if the Jarrylo don't bring owt to the party then, hopefully, Cascade will save the day!

Look out for this in a few weeks, but first it's going to be dry-hopped with yet more Jarrylo whereupon the hop gets a chance to show us all up for dullards who know sod-all about hops... it may do, but we'll see! 

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