Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Coffee Porter

I know everyone makes one these days, but to be fair we did brew it last year so it's not entirely a matter of bandwagon-jumping.....

So, on Thursday we're brewing "Crema Extrema", our coffee porter, although this year things will be a little different as we're (hopefully!) using beans from our local coffee roasters, Ferraris of Bridgend - which we intend to buy tomorrow - rather than the random assorted stuff we used last time!  We're off there tomorrow to secure supplies of "Cafe Classico" and, hopefully, talk them into letting us roast our own blend on their cute little 10kg roaster for a special beer...

5kg of coffee will go into the 8 barrel (1400 litre) brew as well as lots of lovely roast barley, Carafa special, Melanoidin, Carared and the "Black forest gateaux" hop of Junga to hopefully create something pretty damn good; we can't wait!

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