Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Sharks against Surfers - v3.0

Yes, hop fans, tomorrow we brew one of our most popular beers and one which has certainly got us some excellent feedback!  So, what could possibly make us want to change a winning recipe?

Well, it's the usual problem of lack of hops, unfortunately... Basically, we have run out of lusciously fruity Amarillo hops, and so have to substitute in something else... after having a good think about this thorny issue Gazza has decided to try out Chinook as a replacement as they have a similar fruitiness albeit more a "rhubarb and custard" character but, still, should fit into the general scheme of things pretty well...

The other hops remain the same, namely Columbus, Centennial and Galaxy, so we're pretty confident that any changes will be very minor and the beer will be just as pale, fruity and hoppy as you've come to expect from us and our summer brew!

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