Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Atlantico Sur

Tuesday was the brewday (in itself not a normal brewday, which are generally Wednesday & Thursday) for our Argentinian Cascade brew, Atlantico Sur (South Atlantic).

The hops weren't as immediately big and aromatic as I'd hoped, but still gave a citrus and evergreen aroma which should hopefully yield something rather tasty; the "twig count" was moderate, mostly spindly, and the oil was noticeable by it's absence meaning no sticky green hands like with some hops we've used!

We're one of the first brewers in the UK to use these hops and are quite interested to see what comes out of the tank in a few weeks... the beer is being dry-hopped with the same hops - so 15kg in total - meaning it's about a pure an expression as you'll find!  The bittering hops used were German Magnum, but only half a kilo and their contribution to the flavour is almost zero, but as Gazza doesn't agree with the principle of "single hop" beers, preferring to use hops for their intended function, we weren't going to be doing that...

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