Wednesday, 27 January 2016

The return of the most-wanted...

We're occasionally asked if we can re-brew a particular beer from our extensive back catalogue and, being affable people, we always consider the requests.  However, the final say as to what gets brewed when rests with Gazza and he's a hard one to convince that this beer is worthy of an overhaul and being allowed back out onto the main line again...

Well, we've had numerous (more than one) requests for a one-off we brewed in August 2014 which was named after the excellent Alien Sex Fiend album "Who's been Sleeping in my Brain?".... it contained Citra, Eldorado and Cascade which resulted in a fruity, citrussy and quite complex, tasty beer which sold very well.  Now Eldorado hops are in short supply (so short we can't get any) and so we've replaced them with something a little bit different but just as interesting!

Topaz are a strange hop.  Originally grown for the pharmaceutical industry they were first used in beer during the last hop famine and found to give a pleasantly oily, fruity flavour which is quite unique.... just the ticket we reckon, so in comes super-sub Topaz in place of the unavailable Eldorado for what should be a very interesting brew, maybe even more interesting than the original as Eldorado aren't the most flavoursome hop ever; we'll see.

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