Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Such a little thing makes such a big difference...

.... especially if you've been waiting over 2 years to get it done!

Well, today Gav accomplished one of the items which has been a perennial on our "to do" list for as long as I can remember, which seems such a little thing but is really a big deal to us in the everyday brewing process.

Until now our CIP (cleaning in place) pump didn't have a base and we sat it on the floor wherever it was required and dragged it about accompanied by various amounts of cussing when it got stuck on the drain, fell over, kinked the hose or otherwise conspired to foil our efforts to clean things...

Now, hopefully, victory is ours!  It sits atop a piece of weatherproofed marine ply with castors mounted beneath; we've tested it today and it does seem to neither fall over or get stuck on things now, although with a brewday tomorrow we'll put it through it's paces in a real life environment.... although I'm 100% confident it'll pull through with flying colours.  

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